O What Extent Has Society Been Influenced by the Increased Availability of Information Due to Technological Innovation and Globalisation? Consider This Question in Relation to Recent Events.

Topics: Innovation, Globalization, Espionage Pages: 4 (1225 words) Published: August 18, 2013
Enormous differences can be seen in our daily lives, compared with lives people had just ten years ago, particularly in information reception. We are searching foreign information through the computer, scanning the absorbing global news in our mobile phone, and commenting on our friends’ Facebook homepages using an ipad. In this essay, I will explain the specific impacts that appear in our society which are influences by the growth of information availability, give more details on what effects technological innovation and globalisation can give to the individual and the country. Relevant recent events will be listed in order to describe and evaluate the positive and negative influences.

Before giving ideas of the effects, I would like to make a clear view on the technological innovation. It seems that, the increasing of the availability of information is due to several technological innovations, like chip technology, image technology, and the Mobile intelligent systems. In general, however, the purpose of those innovations can be calculated into the development of the internet. All the inventions on hardware and software, to some extent, are actually improving dramatically in building a network fictitious society. This society is virtual do not imply that it has no relation to the realistic one. On the contrary, these two society are in tight connection, especially in the 21st century which has a high level of globalisation. “What we are trying to do to is replicate what's happening online in an offline world.” says Mike Hemmings, marketing director of Amscreen, one of the firms offering the Facial Recognition Technology.(Hudson, 30 July 2013) In other words, the online world become dramatically affected to the real society.

Individuals’ lives have been influenced constructively to a more comfortable, convenient and entertaining extent, considering the mass information that internet can bring to them. Education can be listed firstly as acquiring...

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