A study of Effects of Organizational Culture and Service Innovation on Business Performance

Topics: Innovation, Management, Organizational culture Pages: 78 (8791 words) Published: April 22, 2014

A study of Effects of Organizational Culture and Service Innovation on Business Performance - Use Macau SMEs as example



January 2014

Master of Business Administration

Lecturer: Dr. Hirna
Supervisor: Tim Li


With the progress of the times, the dissemination of information becomes faster and faster, and the scientific and technogical innovation also speeds up. As corporations are constantly working out service innovation in order to enhance their business performances, thus service innovation contributes to the key components of corporations’ success in the future. However, the basis of service innovation comes from organizational culture, therefore, this study is themed on the the organizational culture and service innovation’s relationships with and influences on the business performances, and carries out empirical researches on small and medium-sized enterprises of various infustries in Macau. On the basis of questionaire survey and data analysis, here concludes the following results:

1. Testees (or participants) all present positive and active points of view about organizational culture and service innovation’s influences on business performance. On the aspect of organizational culture, the bureaucratic and the supportive cultures has a more significant impact on business performance than the service innovative culture does.

2. The operation of organizational culture and service innovation indeed has positive influences on the establishment of corporations’ business performances, which means the more attention corporations pay to the operation of organizational culture and service innovation, the more core capability of their own they can cultivate and the better business performances they can achieve.

1. Introduction
1.1 The Background and Motive of Research7
1.2 The Purpose of Research9
1.3 The Range of Research9
1.4 The Process of Research10
2. Literature Review
2.1 Organizational Culture11
2.1.1 The Definition of Organizational Culture12
2.1.2 Organizational culture and four indicators12
2.1.3 Types of Organizational Culture13
2.2 Service Innovation14
2.2.1 The Definition of Innovation14
2.2.2 Patterns and Types of Service Innovation15
2.2.3 Service Innovation16
2.3 Business Performance18
2.4 The Influence of Organizational Culture on Business Performance20 2.5 The Influence of Service Innovation on Business Performance21 3. Reaserch Methodology
3.1 The Framework of Reaserch23
3.2 The Hypothesis of Reaserch25
3.3 The Research Object and the Sampling Method25
3.4 The Reaserch Variablesand Operational Definition25
3.4.1 Organizational Culture Dimension25
3.4.2 Service Innovation Dimension28
3.4.3 Business Performance Dimension29
3.5 The Reaserch Tool30
3.5.1 Source of organizational culture scale table30
3.5.2 Source of service innovation scale table30
3.5.3 Source of business performance scale table31
3.6 The Analysis Method31
3.6.1 Descriptive statistical analysis31
3.6.2 The factor analysis31
3.6.3 The reliability verification32
3.6.4 Analysis of variance (ANOVA)32
3.6.5 The difference of Scheffer compares analysis32
3.6.6 Correlation analysis and simple regression analysis32 4. Finding & Analysis
4.1 The Descriptive Statistics Analysis of the Sample32
4.1.1 The structure of reclaimed sample33
4.1.2 The Overall Average and the Standard Deviation of Organizational Culture, Service Innovation& Business Performance36 4.2 The Factor Analysis44
4.3 The Reliability Analysis51
4.3.1 The Analysis Result of Organizational Culture Scale Reliability51 4.3.2 The Analysis Result of Service Innovation Scale Reliability52 4.3.3 The Analysis Result of Business Performance Scale Reliability52 4.4 The Hypothesis Testing53

4.4.1 The Variance Analysis of the organizational culture53 4.4.2 The Variance Analysis of Service Innovation55
5. Conclusion and Recommendation
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