A Report on the Operation Managemet of Otobi

Topics: Customer, Innovation, New product development Pages: 18 (5842 words) Published: July 13, 2011


1.1Origin of the Report.This report was authorized by the course instructor AFM Abdul Moyeen, PhD to write a term paper on the course Strategic Management as a part of MBA program. This report is written by group 4, composed of four members as envisaged in the title fly. The report was submitted on 19 October 2010.

1.2Objective.The objectives of this report are:
To carry out SWOT analysis of OTOBI Ltd
To evaluate the sources of competitive advantage of OTOBI Ltd To analyze the functional level strategy implemented by OTOBI Ltd To study the nature of the business level strategy followed by OTOBI Ltd To explore the corporate level strategy pursued by OTOBI Ltd

1.3Sources and Methodologies of Collecting Information. The information necessary to write the repot was collected both from primary and secondary sources. Organizational survey and interviews were done to gather the information. All possible efforts were made to ensure the credibility of the report to the maximum extent at the time of writing the report.

1.4Report Preview.Since OTOBI is the leading laminated board furniture manufacturing company, we have chosen this company to evaluate its sources of competitive advantage. As efficiency, quality, innovation and customer responsiveness are the main building blocks of competitive advantages; therefore these are discussed elaborately under functional level strategy. An effort has been taken to relate the theoretical knowledge with current strategies followed by OTOBI to achieve competitive advantages. This paper attempts to highlight business and corporate level strategy pursued by OTOBI as well.


2.1Background.OTOBI Limited is one of the leading world class furniture manufacturers of its kind in the country. Over the two and half decades of tireless endeavor, OTOBI earned the fame and image of the unique manufacturer of world class products. OTOBI received National Business Award as “Enterprise of the Year” for year 2001. It makes all kinds of metal, laminated board and plastic furniture. The functional utility and durability with the elegance of OTOBI products earned the reliability and confidentiality of the customers. Currently OTOBI’s product range cover the office furniture, household furniture, plastic furniture, hospital furniture, computer furniture, kitchen cabinet, work station, storage rack, decorative items and interior decoration. Besides these crests, trophy, medal, gift box etc are also the products of OTOBI.

2.2Founder of the Organization.Country’s famous artist Mr. Nitun Kundu is the managing director of OTOBI. His endless efforts, creative idea and professionalism brought OTOBI at present state. Painter and sculptor Mr. Nitun Kundu graduated from Institute of Fine Arts, Dhaka in 1959, and secured first class first position. The same year he started his career as a designer in the United States Information Services (USIS) Dhaka. He left USIS as chief designer in 1971 and participated in the liberation war. After the war he turned into a free lance painter. In 1974 he conceived the idea of embarking into commercial venture and started manufacturing decorative items at his residence. The name of his mini workshop was “The Designer”.

2.3Introductory stage of OTOBI.Mr. Nitun Kundu set up a small workshop in a tin shed at Topkhana road in Feb’ 1977 and named it “Art in Craft”. Here in addition to coat pin, cup, crest, trophy etc he started manufacturing decorative items, table lamp and various types of metal furniture. In Bangladesh traditionally wooden furniture are used, but forest resources being extremely limited, Mr. Nitun Kundu anticipated the need for metal furniture and in 1978 and he opened a show room at New Elephant Road, Dhaka and gradually started marketing all kind of metal furniture in a proper manner.

2.4Growth of the...
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