A Portrait of a Perfect Business Leader.

Topics: Walt Disney, The Walt Disney Company, Business magnate Pages: 4 (1614 words) Published: January 5, 2013
In our country it is not so rare to hear someone saying about Russian billionaires: “Hey! This guy is a big shot! And no wonder he has robbed our taxpayers in the 90’s!” Well, there is a great part of truth in these words. Of course it is the fact that our prominent businessmen have been still going hand in hand with some criminal leaders. And lamentable as it is many of them have scraped together their fortune exactly thanks to the pauperization of the great mass of the population in the end of the previous century. But actually do you think that honesty and decency are the first things a true business leader should possess? As for me, so I am sure that all the people including and businessmen ought to be fair to a certain degree. And to tell the truth I do not think that Russian oligarchs are the best example to follow, as I am among those people who believe that the money they have got are ill-gotten. But anyway there are so many tycoons deserving to be respected in the world. In my opinion Swedish businessmen are among the best ones. It has no sense to enumerate all of them by names, we do not know them at all. It is quite enough to note that exactly they have made such world-known and sought-after brands as IKEA, Ericsson, H&M. Swedish entrepreneurs are known in the business world for their diligence, punctuality, accuracy, professionalism, thoroughness, honesty and reliability in business relations. And what is more important I believe that business leaders in Sweden put in the first place the solution of social security problems of their subordinates. They want their workers to be well-to-do and satisfied with working conditions. So there is no doubt that businessmen from this country possess all the traits necessary for the business world. Of course business is something that everyone in the world wants to do, but the fact is that we do not always get lucky with that. There are so many requirements to meet to be a perfect entrepreneur and unfortunately...
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