A Case Study Of Innovation Morison

Topics: Economics, Invention, Change Pages: 2 (893 words) Published: November 26, 2014
A Case Study of Innovation: Gunfire at sea by Elting Morison.


Change is one of the determining of element of civilization. In society, our formal structure of habits, minds or behavior are need to adjust with rapidly increased change. So in this study examine how new innovation may face a lot of constraints in terms of changing situation in society giving example of continuous-aim firing in the US Navy.

Summary of the paper

This is the study of how social effects such as individual response or organizational response to new invention influence on the success of innovation to adopt. Related to the history of innovative gunfire at sea, Admiral Sir Percy Scott found the new idea of continuous-aim fire which enabled the gun pointer to keep sight and gun barrel on the target throughout the roll of the ship. For this change, he changed the gear ration, rerigged telescopes and rigged a small target at the mouth of the gun. Then, from Scott in 1990 Sims, American junior officer, learned more about continuous-aim fire gun and tried out new system in China. However, his experiment was not recognized in Washington. There was no response for comments about his innovation and men who wanted to protect and maintain existing devices and society which they identified themselves. Bureau of Ordnance thought that continuous-aim fire was impossible and the application of this experiment was not relevant to the current situation. These arguments, nevertheless, forced Scott to take furthermore step of writing to President of US. Finally, he could prove that the concept of continuous-aim fire gun was possible to everyone. This instead shows us how the “identification” restrains the new creation that can change existing society to adaptive society and advance new instruments.

Main Contribution

The main contribution of this study was:
1) To demonstrate the influence of limited identification that will be barriers to forming of adaptive society...
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