what can you do to save evironment

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What can you do to save your environment?
you can save water, energy, and recycle
and recharged your cell phone when its done changing
instead of riding your own car you can carpool or better yet walk or ride your bike and you can also turn the lights off when you leave the room plus turn all the waters off when your not using them

or your coat that way you'll be more warmer plus you're saving the climate changes you can save the environment by using the 3Rs - reduce, reuse and recycle! you can save yourself by doing what's right!

you can save the electricity by when leaving the house turn the lights off recycle everyday
recycle things.
say no to products made from animal hides and body parts!
plant more and more trees and preserve forest.
you can say no to chemical cleaners and wash things with vinegar. It is acidic and effective. You can use it to kill bacteria on surfaces and wash away soap scum or clean out your coffee maker. It can even be used as long as it is diluted on the first wash and only the first wash of band t shirts to preserve the colors. you should help the earth to be clean

reduce your garbage
stop cutting down trees and recycle.
recycle, reduce and reuse the everyday items.
Save trees  Save trees by recycling your own paper.  Paper with a clean side can be made into notepads with a simple staple or you can punch a hole to tie sheets of paper together with a piece of string.  These are great for doodles and notes.  If you are buying paper, buy recycled paper, whether it is writing paper or toilet paper!
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