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Topics: Telegraphy, Computer network, Innovation Pages: 1 (334 words) Published: March 18, 2015
Every innovation/invention has a life cycle (some longer than the other) and at some point of time it must take a different form or end completely. If every invention lasted forever and people were content with them, we wouldn’t have access to all the wonderful new inventions today. However, successful, long-term innovation can be achieved by constantly reinventing yourself, broad thinking, being open-minded, building networks and never stop dreaming. Television is a great example of an innovation that has successfully redefined itself and is just as relevant today as it was more than a hundred years ago. From 12 inch black and white set in the past to flat screens and High definitions displays; television continues to be the most in demand one electronic item and is owned by almost every household in present day. With the invention of technology such as radio, telephone, television and particularly the internet; telegraph as a communication device was doomed to decline and eventually cease. The author is very correct in comparing internet with telegraph as they have some distinct similarities. For example, like the telegraph network, the Internet allows people to communicate across great distances using interconnected networks (Standage). Even though the life cycle of telegraph was short, it paved the road for all modern communication technology such as the internet, telephone, the fax machine etc. Telegraph may have failed to live up to its expectations and predictions, modern technology such as the internet that was built upon the foundation of telegraph are fulfilling them in a much bigger way. All in all, innovation is an ongoing cycle that is inevitable and in the future we may see other communication technologies that surpass the current ones. References:

Sovde, H. (2010, 04 18). Lessons for Successful Long-term Innovation. Retrieved 11 10, 2014, from www.strategicinnovation.org:...

References: Sovde, H. (2010, 04 18). Lessons for Successful Long-term Innovation. Retrieved 11 10, 2014, from www.strategicinnovation.org: http://www.strategicinnovation.org/innovation-management/lessons-for-successful-long-term-innovation
Standage, T. (n.d.). The Victorian Internet. Retrieved 11 10, 2014, from www2.southeastern.edu: http://www2.southeastern.edu/Academics/Faculty/scraig/standage.html
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