Vacuum Cleaner case

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Mariel Villalona
Thomas Traub

Managing Innovation & Technology

Vacuum Cleaner Case

Innovation arises from many different sources. Researchers argue, “Innovation is the most powerful force for change in the world” (The Paramount Importance of Innovation). Creativity and good work ethics are keys in finding new ideas. “Creativity is the starting point for innovation” (okpara, pg. 1). As well as knowing which ideas are worth pursuing and which just are not. Researchers have said, “A product innovation is the act of bringing something new to the market place that improves the range and quality of products offered” (Greenhalgh, Rogers, pg 1). Today, companies function in a constant change industry, where technology is changing more quickly than ever before. Products with time get old and many obsolete, therefore, innovation is extremely important for any manufacturing company.

Twist, as a vacuum cleaner manufacturer, keeping it functional and groundbreaking is what keeps us up float. Our employees have a clear understanding of their roles and duties towards our organization. Motivating our employees into the entire process of setting objectives helps to increase job satisfaction, as well as employee empowerment. Linking our employee’s objectives to our company’s goals will ensure better work efficiency. And clarifying our goals through better communication are some of our management by objectives initiative.

Our core competencies are quite a few and twist feels proud about this fact. Having string work ethics is vital for us to achieve our goal and develop as a leading company. Having to the point technology differentiates us from our competitors and any other imitating company. Twist well designed training program captures intellectual capital, becoming one of our strengths. Having skilled and dedicated employees has improve our customer loyalty, because our clientele feels warmed and confortable with our product and costumer service.

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