Ups/Fedex Package Wars

Topics: Customer, Innovation Pages: 1 (349 words) Published: April 12, 2008
UPS/FedEx Package Wars

After analyzing the case, UPS exhibits many strong aspects within their company. UPS is extremely financially minded, helping to keep costs low and very small amounts of debt. This makes UPS a cost leader in the industry. This translates into a financially efficient company. UPS is also a leader in supply chain solutions, offering a wide selection of services to fit every business and personal need. This could attract more customers since everything they need is in one place. Another strength is the good employee relations. UPS promotes many employees from within and boasts the lowest turnover rate in the industry. Low turnover rates means that labor relations are performing at a high level, keeping employees satisfied and motivating them to move ahead in the company. UPS also has a strong presence in retail locations with the acquisition of Mail Boxes Etc. Having a psychical location increases the customer base and adds to the services UPS can provide to customers.

FedEx also has many strengths which keep the company extremely competitive in the industry. FedEx is a very entrepreneurial company, fostering creativity and innovative ideas. The fostering of innovation is important in order to differentiate from competitors and offering new and improved services to customers. FedEx is also a first mover in overnight delivery, grabbing a large portion of the market. FedEx also uses their innovative technologies to surpass competitors and differentiate themselves. Furthermore, the strategic alliance with Kinko’s gives FedEx a retail presence, attracting a different customer base with different needs. This partnering expanded the services FedEx offers.

Scotland – Truck drivers wanted dogs with them for their company since they had long driving times for delivery. Germany- UPS being accused that they have a Nazi connection because of what its symbol giving and its color France - The UPS trucks where too big for the...
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