Training Session Handout

Topics: Innovation, Creative problem solving, Problem solving Pages: 2 (510 words) Published: September 15, 2013
Training Session Handout
MGT 411
Instructor: ROSA OSUOHA

Creative problem solving
Creative problem solving- This handout is a tool to help your creative problem solving. Creative Problem solving, is a structured process, when you want to go beyond conventional thinking. The list below is the eight steps: •Define the problem- Make sure that the problem is state clearly •Analyze the problem- Where is the organization, as compared to where the organization want to be. •Make a clear target site- Where do you want your employee’s level of performance to be and by when. •Find the heart of the problem- This will ensure the problem will not recur •Identify countermeasures- What action needs to be taken, to ensure the problem does not happen again. •Follow through-make sure that the countermeasures are being applied and followed. •Confirm action- Make sure that the results are the desired one. •Regulate results- Make the countermeasures permanent.

These ways or the same way to teach your employee’s how creative problem solving works among employees.

Employee motivation
Creative Intelligence- A Company should try to match requirements with abilities. •Flexibility- Allow for the position to have flexibility this will motivation employee’s •Recognize Accomplishment- Individuals enjoy recognition of their accomplishment by others. •Encourage open organization- Open door policy, it encourage employees to ask question freely. •Incentive program- rewarding provide commitment, among employee and it give them something to work for.

Leadership must ensure that the innovate goals or the same as the business goals 1.Frist identify the business plans, to see if there is a need for new types of innovation in each company area. 2.Then identify the responsibility or roles that innovation will play. 3. Last leader most identify the incremental innovations that need to main what they have at the...
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