Training Session

Topics: Creativity, Problem solving, Innovation Pages: 3 (782 words) Published: July 22, 2013
This handout is designed to help you as the employee explore your mind and use your ideas to the benefit of everyone within the company. Creative problem solving can be done in and simple systematic process, use them to your advantage as a leader! EXPLORE THE CHALLENGE!

* Objective finding: Identify the goal, wish or the challenge * Figure out what the problem is that needs to be solved. * Fact Finding: Gather any necessary data
* Identify the “w’s”, who, what, when, where, and why it is important. * Problem finding: Clarify the existing problem
* Find the facts and data and all the opportunities that represent this step is all about making sure you are focused on the correct problem. GENERATE IDEAS!
* Idea finding: Generate ideas related to the solving the problem * This is brainstorming, generate solutions, and avoid out of the wall ideas and solve the problem. PREPARE FOR ACTION!
* Solution Finding: Select the best solutions
* Strengthen your solutions and make them feasible, not just an idea * Acceptance Finding: Plan for action
* Do what needs to be done to make the solution a reality (Creative Education Foundation, 2012)

1. Thank your employees for their hard work personally. Thank them in a one-on-one meeting or in writing, preferable both. Do this often and sincerely. 2. Have an open door policy; be available to your employees as much as they need you to be. Being available also means listening to what they have to say! 3. Provide feedback frequently about specifics related to their performance. Support them in suggesting areas that can use improvement, and provide praise for areas they have improved. 4. Recognize your employee assets and reward them accordingly through pay or promotion. Recognize marginal or non-performers and ensure they improve or leave. 5. Inform employees in on information that...

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