Tradition Compromises People’s Ability for Innovation.

Topics: Tradition, Innovation, Creativity Pages: 3 (1044 words) Published: August 29, 2013
“Tradition compromises people’s ability for innovation”. Discuss.

There was this wife who, when cooking their families turkey during thanksgiving, would always cut of the two sides of the turkey before putting it into the oven. Doing so wasted a lot of meat of the turkey, but she still always did it. One day, her husband noticed it and found it curious. So he asked her why she did that and she replied that that was always how her mother did it when they were young. Still not satisfied, the next time the husband met his mother in law he asked her why she used to do that too. Then the mother in law replied that it was because, during those times, her oven was just too small to fit the whole turkey and hence she always had to cut off the sides in order to fit the turkey inside. Thus, tradition is a word that is filled with possibilities. It can take many different forms, and in many different contexts. For example, it could mean a universities traditional ways of holding graduation ceremonies or it could also mean a family’s traditional way of cooking meals. However, perhaps the simplest way to define tradition would be a way of doing things, the way they have always been done. And therein lies its problem with innovation, because people cannot possibly create new ways of doing things while still doing it the way they have always been done. Hence I believe that tradition does indeed compromise people’s ability for innovation.

An imagination, or creative thinking skills, is the key necessity required for anyone looking to innovate and that is perhaps the exact thing that tradition hinders. Following traditions gives an excuse to people not to think of new ways of doing things because “that’s the way we have always done it” is always there to back them up. It is their justification for resisting change. It also prevents people from trying to imagine “what if” situations. Such as, “what if we could do this, this way, instead of that”, or, “what if there...
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