Topics: Religion, Innovation, Culture Pages: 5 (1466 words) Published: March 16, 2014
Various journals have pointed out different scenarios regarding the conflict of traditions and the advent of modernity in certain societies. One in particular by Freund and Band- Winterstein (2012) explored how a Jewish society in Israel belonging in an ultra- orthodox society adapt and modify their behaviour toward social work which is cultural, western and secular in form.People belonging to the ultra- orthodox society have strong sense of faith and religious practice. They prefer to avoid contact with those persons belonging in the secular society.(Coleman- Brueckheimer, Spitzer & Koffman, 2009). When faced with the idea of social work, a feeling of ambivalence usually takes place. They would accept services because of necessity yet, a feeling of suspicion and hostility takes place as well.(Popovsky 2010). Unfamiliarity with other cultures makes one prejudice about it, often causing stress and conflict. It is important, therefore, to create a circumstance wherein the religious belief is able to coexist with the necessary procedure. Based on the results of the study, there is a diversity of groups that are differentiated from each other based on their level of openness to society, closeness to tradition, ideology, modernization and openness to larger economy. The diversity leads to different views toward the function of social work in their community. A lack of professional resources in their community however, compels them to have constant interaction with the secular environment (Bilu and Witztum, 1993). Extensive changes have been occurring in the society with regards to the surrounding environment. The large openness shown by different areas in the ultra-orthodox society towards secular society worker is only a small part of a large scale process continuously developing. The similarity of this study to past journals is its focus on how one will adapt when faced with two conflicting trends in society. It seeks to discover the factors that will affect the behaviour towards self. It explains the conditions that predispose a person to react as such toward modernization. The difference of this study from previous studies is the specific focus on the contrast between tradition and modernity. It’s not just simply one culture converging with another particular culture, rather a generalized past traditions or customs going up and adapting to current trends in general such as technological advancement as alternative for traditional events.

Another study by Talbani and Hasanali (2000) examined the social and cultural experiences of adolescent females from south Asia who immigrated to Canada. The major problem encountered by the South Asian adolescent females was their control over socialization, going out, parties and dating. One common observation was how the parents would take their children to visit relatives or family friends on weekends because they do not allow their child to socialize without their supervision. Whenever there were occasions or festivities, the parents would often organize parties for their children so as to avoid the feeling of alienation. The arrangements would usually involve non- alcoholic beverage, music and dances. Parents would also maintain gender segregation wherein the boys and girls mingled with each other under certain rules. The presence of the parents usually maintained certain decorum among the youth. Most of the parents also disapproved of dating especially among their daughters. They justified that girls are much more vulnerable than boys. Parents became faced with a dilemma because female members would challenge the parental decision because of unequal treatment compared to the boys. In terms of marriage, girls were usually set up for arranged marriages. Resentment was expressed because they had absolutely no say in it, or they got married to a person they do not know. Various ways of expressing the Adolescent females’ disapproval...
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