To What Extent is Naturis an Entrepreneurial Company?

Topics: Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Joseph Schumpeter Pages: 4 (1252 words) Published: April 29, 2013
1) To what extent is Naturis an entrepreneurial company?
In 1988 Naturis was found as a joint venture between F&P Riso Gallo, a well-known ialien producer of rise and Puccinelli, which its field of competence is in the production of dehydrated vegetables. Naturis was perceived as a research oriented entreprise which was exploring potential opportunities with regards to the dehydration process. Naturis was set up through corporate venturing which includes the creation of a new business. In order to acquire new insight and expertise in the field of the dehydration processes, entrepreneurial activities were launched through cooperative corporte venturing (Morris, Kuratko & Covin, 2008). After the sucessful joint venture, Naturis is now hightly entrepreneurial as it practices the concept of strategic entrepreneurship. By constantly looking for new uses for its product, the company innovate in order to sustain their competitive advantage. Naturis is considered as an innovative and entrepreneurial company as it follows the concept of strategic entrepreneurship refered to as sustained regeneration by introducing new products and entering new market areas on a regulary basis (Covin & Miles, 1999). Naturis has been able to achieve a unique market position as the firm has ventured into unchartered ”water” where competitors are not present yet. Naturis was the first company which had the ability to built plants for the dehydration process. Moreover, only Naturis was knowledged and skilled concerning its products and technologies to satisfy certain clients such as the IQF. Naturis could sucessfully apply the Blue ocean strategy by understanding the needs of the costumers who are not served by the competitors. Chairman of Naturis, Cesare Preve emphasized this aspect by saying that entrepreneurship starts from a need. It is from central importance in order to be entrepreurial to identify the areas where the customers value can be improved. In this connection,...

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