To What Extent Has Society Been Influenced by the Increased Availability of Information Due to Technological Innovation and Globalization?

Topics: Twitter, World Wide Web, Internet Pages: 3 (925 words) Published: August 19, 2013
To what extent has society been influenced by the increased availability of information due to technological innovation and globalization?

Currently, a widespread phenomenon has been perceived all over the world that the increased availability of information deeply influenced society because of the innovatory technology and globalization. This essay intends to identity the root of this increasing problem as well as some far-reaching effects. With the help of advanced technology, people`s life is becoming more and more convenient. People used to acquire the information through the newspaper and radio, however the traditional media have their own limitations, etc. they are difficult to keep information for a long time and lack portability. Therefore, when the color television set appears,audiences abandoned the traditional media, because of the efficient functions (Weiss 1969). But it still not enough, people need more convenience. Then when the computer and mobile phone come into people`s life, it can be totally changed from then on. Nowadays, everyone has a mobile phone, wherever they go, they always carry it and use it to surf the Internet, check e-mail, communicate with friends and even share the resource that they cannot exchange by the traditional media. Available information can be placed and reused in new way unexpectedly. This is enabled the WWW to spread and the value of Web documents be seen better (O’Hara & Hall, 2009). Whilst the Internet acts as another important role, it is just like the air, which is invisible but everywhere. Thanks to the search engine on the Internet, people can find almost everything they need instead of looking up the thousands of books. We can hardly imagine the day we have something wrong with the advanced equipment and the Internet, the efficiency of work or study would be decline, even cause paralysis. Being influenced by the technological innovation and globalization, the distance between countries is...

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