Theoretical Framework

Topics: Innovation, Problem solving, Diffusion of innovations Pages: 3 (756 words) Published: January 28, 2011
Theoretical Framework:

The Polytechnic University of the Philippines launched the Students Information System (SIS) for the online enrollment/registration of the students last 2008. This technological innovation is aimed to provide the students ease and better service every start of the semester. It is communicated /disseminated to students who enrolled in the university starting from school year 2008-2009, as what is stated in the Diffusion of Innovation (DOI) Theory.

The Diffusion of Innovation Theory

The Diffusion of Innovation Theory by Rogers E.M. states that an innovation diffuses or spreads through our society in a predictable pattern. A few people will adopt an innovation as soon as they hear of it, other people will take longer to try something new and still others take much longer.

The people who are at the back of the PUP website are those we can consider the innovators, and the students as the adopters of the innovation in the enrollment procedures.

The Diffusion Innovation Theory includes the four key steps that effectively summarize the diffusion process wherein the innovation in enrollment procedure is going through. The first step is “Knowledge”, wherein the PUP students are made aware of the new process of enrollment and registration. The next step is “Persuasion” where the diffusion process takes place mostly within the mind of the adopter. The individual weighs the advantages that the new technology would bring to him or her personally. Based upon these evaluations and discussions with others, the individual begins to learn toward either adoption or rejection of the innovation. This is where the students analyze the advantages and the disadvantages of the new process of enrollment in PUP compared to the traditional. The third step is “Decision”. The individual makes the final decision of whether to adopt or reject. The last step is “Confirmation” where the individual seeks validation. Whether the decision was to adopt or to...
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