The Role That Technological Innovations and Trade Played in the Rise of the Egyptians.

Topics: Ancient Egypt, Egypt, Innovation Pages: 2 (337 words) Published: September 8, 2013
(What role did technological innovations and trade play in the rise of the Egyptians? What innovations led to turning points in the history of Egypt? How widely did the Egyptians trade and with whom for what?)

A large role in technological innovations within the rise of the Egyptians was played by technology. One technology that they invented that is still used today is paper and writing. This innovation would allow the Egyptians to be able to keep records of taxes. Therefore this was really the true origin of taxes. They called this paper papyrus.

Another major innovation was their way of building. Select buildings are still standing today, they are called pyramids. These pyramids were used to bury the deceased pharaohs and house anything that they would need for the afterlife. The pyramids are among the largest constructions ever conceived and built by humans. Even today they are still the image of the ancient Egyptians.

Another technological innovation of the Ancient Egyptians are monuments. Such monuments are still recognized today. Some examples are the Great Sphinx and the pyramids of Giza. These are some of the biggest and most famous buildings today from ancient times. The ancient Egyptians also had some of the first monumental stone buildings.

These innovations led to greater power of the pharaohs. With taxes the pharaoh could build more projects, increase trade, and rule his people more effectively. The taxes that allowed all of this to occur were brought forth by the creation of paper and writing. The paper and pencil changed history completely. Now people could keep better records and eventually would develop more technology from it. All of this started just from pounding reeds flat.

With new building techniques pharaohs could now leave a lasting reminder on their people. The pyramids reminded the people of the power of the pharaoh. These pyramids have lasted thousands of years. Today’s pyramids have now...
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