The Innovation Secrets

Topics: Creativity, Innovation, Apple Inc. Pages: 6 (1720 words) Published: January 2, 2013
The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs by Carmine Gallo

Innovation is largely spurred by distressing factors such as economic struggles and strained infrastructures, environmental problems and poverty. As history records have shown that during such difficult times, innovation and creativity has taken its place to ensure the betterment of the peoples’ lives. •Definition of Innovation: A new way of doing things that results in positive change, which makes life better. It is a commitment to continuous improvement on everyone’s part. •How can you set yourself apart from everyone else? By asking, “How can I help my clients or customers do better?” •Do not confuse innovation with invention. The two notions are complementary but different. Not everyone can be an inventor but everyone can be an innovator.

Chapter 1 – What would Steve do?
Innovation cannot be inspired via a rigid, step-by-step method or training program. •Apple innovations are found everywhere even if you’re not a mac user or an owner of Apple products. The very fact that the new operating system, Windows 7, was inspired by Apple’s OS X, Apple technology has definitely touched your everyday life. •There are seven principles that drive Steve Jobs:

“Do what you love” (Career)
“Put a dent in the Universe” (Vision)
“Kick-start your brain” (Thoughts)
“Sell dreams, not products” (Customers)
“Say no to 1,000 things” (Design) Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. •“Create insanely great experiences” (Experience)
“Master the message” (Story)
These seven principles will work, regardless of your job title or function, as long as you see yourself as a brand, and you represent the most important brand-yourself. Young Steve saw himself as a brand and tried to appear bigger than he was because he already thought he was.

Chapter 2 & 3 – Principle 1 – Do what you love
One might perceive Jobs’s early stages of life to be tough, but he loved every single step of the way. He allowed his curiosity and intuition to path a way. A fascinating calligraphy class with no connection to a future career path led him to a Mac with beautiful typography and acted as a catalyst for Jobs to start thinking differently. Trust that by following your curiosity, the dots will ultimately connect in your life. •“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” - Steve Jobs •Innovation is inexistent without passion. Never underestimate the role passion plays in the success of your company, product brand, or career. •“Passion will not protect you against setbacks, but it will ensure that no failure is ever final.” - Bill Strickland. In Strickland’s experience, setbacks become opportunities to redefine your vision and rethink your approach. •“The fear of failure can stifle anyone’s dream of living an extraordinary life, and the way you overcome that fear is by trusting your passion.” - Bill Strickland. •Apple’s recruitment motto was, “Surprise me.” They did not hire people from one industry but a collection of people from different walks of life. •The key to successful innovation is matching your passion with an aptitude – a core competency. A person’s passion for invention can be turned into innovations only when it is properly channeled to match his strengths. •Intrapreneurship is a term coined when companies encourage garage thinking, to set aside time to innovate ideas on how to benefit the company.

Chapter 4 & 5 – Put a dent in the universe
If passion is the fuel that gives innovators the energy to pursue their dreams, vision provides the direction. A vision is very much different from a mission statement, which describes what you make; a vision on the other hand is how you make the world a better place. •When everyone is aligned to the same mission and vision, it would empower them to make decisions that are in the best interest of the company. A successful innovation requires a team of people committed to the...
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