The Influence of Movies vs. Books

Topics: Film, Books, Movie theater Pages: 2 (491 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Sundus Hashmi
Compare and Contrast essay

The influence of movies to the influence of books

Books and movies both have equal importance for the man of 21st century. As the technology develops so are the needs of man. Every one’s life has become quite fast and busy. Books and movies provide you the best way to escape and relax yourself from busy schedule. Great revolution has occurred in both books and movies with the passage of time. Firstly if we talk about movies, they have great influence on the new generation. After spending exhausting and tiring schedule at school, universities and offices one needs to relax him/her and movies are one of the best ways to do that. Different people have different moods and so they like different types of movies according to their taste. There are different types of movies like comedy, horror, action, thriller, drama, Romantic, crime, science, fiction, mystery. Watching movies has become habit and source of entertainment in our society especially for young folks. Different people have different preferences and different ways of watching and enjoying movies. Some people prefer to watch movie at home because you can enjoy watching movie with your family members so you enjoy both movie as well as family leisure time. Whereas some people prefer going out to cinemas to watch a movie so you feel the hang of watching the movie with the people around you on the big dazzling, brilliant night view. On the other hand books have so much importance in individual’s life as book is considered as a human being’s best friend. Different people have different taste and choices. As one grows old, one’s interest and taste also changes. There are different types of books like prayer books, anthology, history, travel guide, poetry, encyclopedia, horror, comic, thriller, journals, cook books etc. A person who has the habit of reading books never feels himself alone. Books enrich your thoughts and increase your vocabulary. They help us...
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