The Implications of the Professional Practice in the Emotional Dimension of the Flight Attendants in Philippine Airlines

Topics: Emotion, Emotional labor, Affect display Pages: 2 (501 words) Published: September 23, 2013
Through a survey conducted in the Philippine Airlines , the Professional practice of Flight Attendants are constantly challenged with observable situations that take their toll on the individual's social and emotional dimensions that affects their individual lifestyles to wit: 1. providing service over a long period of time;

2. dealing with different types and temperaments of passengers; 3. time zone changes;
4. night-shift assignments

This leads to the two variables that were identified by the researchers, namely, the Social and Emotional Dimensions that affect to their permanent lifestyle as supported by our research :

a. According to IllIgne, Johnson, Shwind and Wagner the Professional Practice of Flight Attendants affect their relationship with their family and friends through lack of time. They point out that because of heavy workload, Flight Attendants have no time and rarely go out with their family because of the tight work schedule they have.

b. The lack of time due to the long work hours and physical distance create a long distance relationship with their life partners. According to Kelmer, Markman, Rhodes & Stanley, these results to a feeling of less companionship, less shared problems and less affection which leads to a lower level of relationship satisfaction, making it hard to maintain an ideal relationship with a partner.

c. In relation to the long distance relationship, if family problems arise, their work is affected due to worry over a family matter. This may causes emotional dissonance which usually affect dispositions that will greatly affect their performance in their work environment.

d.Social status, though, is also determined by having a good occupation. The premise is : If they are satisfied with their job in terms of salary, benefits, they will have a sense of fulfillment that will serve as their job motivator.

The second variable is the social dimension which leads to the four factors of emotional labor....
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