The Debate on the Importance of Homework

Topics: Education, Learning, Psychology Pages: 2 (412 words) Published: September 25, 2014
The debate on importance of homework

Every school day might be new learning for students, as this is a phase where their basics are being gathered and made strong; however, can end on as usual with a lot of assignments to complete at home. This is the most conventional practice since the days of early schooling that has been adopted by institutions across the planet, this should not come as a surprise that every student who has ever studied or studying goes through the periods of doing work from home, this however as academic times pass and students go on to universities gets reduced. The ways through which a school operates from class work to homework and then exams are based on proper research and a thorough thought process, although often it might seem a bit mechanical however it works best for people who want to take the opportunity with both hands and make this a learning experience rather than a stressful one. We can go on and debate about the importance of homework as much as we can but its true value still stays intact which is the fact that it allows a child to think on its own when he sits down to complete a part of the work as his homework. It is a time where he learns to develop his own thought process with little help and supervision, it is also one of the most effective ways of reinforcing the learning done routinely in class, for example if a teacher teaches something then a sort of practice work is usually given as homework to students in order to make sure they remember the lecture. This is important because students through a single day attend many lectures of completely different courses, without reinforcement they will surely forget what they learnt in what course. Even though this part of schooling might be a trauma for parents and a stressing as well as a frustrating period for students trying to complete a difficult work all on your own late night after school, but this no doubt creates a lot of learning opportunity for good students....
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