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Question 1: Technology Evolution
Is it an incremental or radical innovation?
The innovation of the digital pen that we see today has been incremental over time. Using existing concepts from the traditional pen and combining it with the modern computing platform we use on a day to day basis. Some may argue that the innovation of the digital pen was radical because it provides a fundamentally new concept of being able digitally record, link and transfer handwritten and audio data from your pen to a computer. However, the technologies behind this digital pen have been developed and improved over time. The jump from recent previous technologies to those used inside the digital pen is relatively small, hence, the digital pen is an example of incremental innovation. Using Technology S-Curves, Assess The Stage of Technology Evolution. figure 1.1

The digital pen is still in its early stages of commercialisation or early take-off, being supported by early adopters and technological visionaries. Although the customer base is slowly shifting away from the early adopters, it is yet to penetrate through to the mainstream market and the wider consumer. The

JONATHAN LAU 20508058 Wednesday 12pm

digital pen companies are at the difficult period where a new product must jump from the early market to the mainstream, showing the products value and benefit to the consumer and why it is the best alternative to solve a consumer’s problems or needs (in this case the taking and processing of notes); this is referred to as “crossing the chasm”. Digital pens have not yet “taken off”. Why? The digital pen is not yet seen as a necessity to the average consumer. Each unit will set you back around $99.95 with each necessary notebook costing you around $25 each ( An expensive alternative to your 30c pen and $2 notebook. As you can see in figure 1.1 at the beginning high effort is rewarded only with small amounts of performance, characterising the ferment of a product innovation. As the effort over time increases the ratio of performance per unit of effort increases, only to taper off by the maturity stage of a products life. Once the digital pen increases it’s reputation by improving itself in areas of price, size, image and reliability the product will almost sell itself, the digital pen will transition to “take off”. But until then the digital pen will still not be able to cross into the mainstream market. Assess The Innovation In Terms of Christensen’s Theories of Disruptive Innovations Christensen believed that it wasn’t an incumbent firm’s lack of technological capabilities that contributed to a firm’s failure in transitioning to new technology, but the willingness of it’s customers to adopt the new products and services available based on that technology. The digital pen came at a time where the market was dominated by PDAs and PC tablets. Incumbent firms focus on incremental improvements to cater to their mainstream market, conceding smaller niche segments of the market not being fully focused upon, allowing new firm’s to cater for them without competition. Christensen believed that new entry firms perform better when targeting underserved market segments. If the digital pen tried to enter the mainstream market too early it would have a tough time competing with the incumbent firms already catering to the market. That is why Christensen believed disruptive technology is hard to adopt. However, digital pens might able to get their foot in the door to the mainstream market, it allows consumers to process notes in a never done before way that could potentially shift consumer’s loyalty to this new technology. And with more and...

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