Target Market

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Creativity, Technology and Innovation



Semester B

Module Leader:
Hajni Handler

1. Contact details for the module leaders (and teaching team)

|Name |Room |Phone extension|E mail address |Office hours | |Hajni Handler |M235 |5762 | |Monday 10-11am | |Leonor Silva de Mattos |M218 | | |On agreement |

Time and room of classes:

| |Lecture: | | |Monday 11am-12pm in N101 | | |Tutorials: | | |Tutorial 1: Monday 12-1pm in M045 | | |Tutorial 2: Monday 2-3pm in M143 | | |Tutorial 3: Monday 3-4pm in M143 |

2.Module aims
To appreciate the impact that creativity, technology and innovation has on the internal and external business environments, and the critical impact on the role of a marketer.

3.Format of delivery
In this module, there are two main methods of teaching method and delivery: • 1 hour lecture supported by
• 1 hour tutorials in the form of student led workshops.

Prior reading and preparation is required that may take the form of individual or group work research or case study preparation.

Students are expected to participate fully in the course, to read widely and to follow relevant current issues in the professional and academic press.

4. Use of StudyNet
StudyNet will be employed in this module and students are expected to visit the site regularly, with particular interest of Reading list, Class Discussion, Assignment details and submission, ‘Your Group’, Teaching Resources, Module News. StudyNet should act as the first point of contact.

Please visit the ASU website for more information on how you are ‘Getting the most from your StudyNet site’.

5.a Weekly Programme for the module
|Week |Theme /Topic |Session content: |Student tasks: |Reading for next week: | |23/01 | |Reading Week | | | |30/01 |Introduction to the module|Aims and objectives. Assignments and workshops. |1 hour lecture only. No tutorial |Ahmed&Shepherd (2010), Chapter1,2| |06/02 |Innovation Management |Understanding innovation and creativity |Form group of 4 students for tutorial exercises and coursework |Ahmed&Shepherd (2010), Chapter8 | | | | | | | |13/02 |Managing Innovation within| Aligning people culture and structure | |Ahmed&Shepherd (2010), Chapter4 | | |organisations |Organisation structures for innovation |...
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