Sustainable Cityscape

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Sustainable Cityscape
Team Description Paper

The TDP needs to be uploaded on the website after registering for this event via the main Shaastra website. *

| Name| Department| College| Email id| Mobile No|
Team member 1| | | | | |
Team member 2| | | | | |
Team member 3| | | | | |
Team member 4| | | | | |
Team member 5| | | | | |
Team member 6| | | | | |

Your ideas for each of the subheadings must be validated with the following points. Each of the below mentioned points must be discussed in detail. i) Proof of concept ii) Concepts used and Technological innovations iii) Feasibility of the idea used Abstract ( Brief overview of work done)Smart Building SolutionsSmart Transport Solutions Smart Energy Solutions Solutions Other areas Smart Grid SolutionsWaste Management SolutionsConclusion|

1)     Please note we do not require you to strictly adhere to only the subheadings given in the template. Unique and innovative ideas conforming to the constraints will be accepted.
2)     The space below the question is NOT indicative of the length of the reply expected. Please make your answers as detailed and clear as possible.
3)     All TDPs to be submitted in .pdf format only.
4)     File to be named as “SC_teamname.pdf” e.g. “SC_iitm.pdf”.
5)     Multiple TDP submissions will result in disqualification of the team and its participants.
6)     Last date for TDP submission is 2/11/2012 by 11:59 p.m.
7)     TDP needs to be uploaded on the website after registering for this event via the main Shaastra website.
8)     Coordinators have the right to select and reject any TDP.
9)  If selected in the TDP round, team members as well as the design can be changed only after intimating the coordinators in advance.
10)  Decision of coordinators is final and binding on all participants in case of discrepancies.
11)  All queries to be...
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