Sun Zi

Topics: Short film, Milan, Feature film Pages: 2 (499 words) Published: October 31, 2013
Attacking with Fire
According to Sun Zi, the purpose of attacking with fire is to cut off and deprive the enemy’s equipment, provisions, supplies and weaken the squad of the enemy so as to raise up our team winning chance. In order to apply this philosophy, a few of criteria must be fulfilled. Firstly, the materials and equipments must be readied. Secondly, the weather and location must be suitable and last is the timing to attack must be appropriate. The main reason to use fire to attack is to create and open up new opportunities and chances so that our team can win the fight. In business circumstances, attacking with fire refers to reinventing an industry by produce something new and different from others. In other words, we must create ideas and strategies that have not been appeared in the past in order to be always in front and leading of other competitors. This will ensure us to always be on top of others and dominate the industry. Innovation is key for us to beat our opponents and this is what this philosophy means. Prada has never used a good deal of conventional marketing but continuously collaborate with designers, filmmakers, and photographers worldwide. For instance, Prada premiered its animated short film “Trembled Blossoms” in its Epicenter stores in year 2008 in advertising new series of theirs products. The original animated four-minute short, entitled Trembled Blossoms, is the final feature of a body of work that began last summer in conjunction with the design of the women’s Spring 2008 collection which is based on inked drawings( used as wallpaper designs ). Besides that, Prada has also used famous filmmakers and film students to create short film inspired by its products. That’s Prada first move towards open innovation and this strategy maintains a balance between traditional business way with the promise of innovation. Prada noticed the potential value of external resources that are not belonged by the firm and Prada has created value for...
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