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1. What kind of information and services does the Web site ( provide for individuals, small businesses, and large businesses? List these services. For Individuals :- Create shipments, enhanced tracking, claim processing, supply ordering, shipment pickup, wireless solutions that provide tracking information, shipping cost information, and finding drop-off locations.

Small businesses: Billing and financing services / technology solutions include UPS Internet shipping, UPS paperless invoicing, mobile services, visibility solutions that provides information to manage shipping more efficiently.

Large businesses: Shipment deliver,goods returns, technology, contract logistics, international trade, financial services.

2. Go to the Business Solutions portion of the UPS Web site. Browse the UPS Business Solutions by category (such as shipment deliver, returns, or international trade) and write a description of all the services UPS provides for one of these categories. Explain how a business would benefit from these services.

International Trade:

Customs Brokerage: It is a tool and are expertise to help manage international trade complexities.

Distribution Center Bypass: Provide consolidation services to streamline international supply chains.

UPS Trade Direct: A multi-modal, international freight solution to move your products across oceans and borders faster.

UPS World Ease: It consolidates multiple shipments destined for one other country or the European Union (EU) so they are processed by customs as a single shipment.

UPS Paperless Invoice: Fully electronic commercial invoices speed data to customs.

UPS Import Control: To take control of inbound international shipments.

3. Explain how the Web site helps UPS achieve some or all of the strategic business objectives we described earlier in this chapter. What would be the impact on UPS’s business if this website were not available?...
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