Subjects Such as Art, Music and Drama Should Be Part of Every Child's Basic Education.

Topics: Education, The arts, Musical instrument Pages: 1 (424 words) Published: September 8, 2013
Subjects such as art, music and drama should be part of every child's basic education. The topic present here states that subjects like art, music and drama should be a part of every child's basic education. I agree with it. I believe that subjects like these give children a new dimension of thinking and a scope of being creative. Creativity is as essential as academics. Firstly and most importantly, subjects like art, music and drama help in basic education itself. For example, drama helps in improving a child's vocabulary. It also helps in improving the verbal ability which is very essential in today's times of stiff competition where, speaking fluently and coherently has become an essential talent. Also, drama helps students remember the big works of literature like Shakespeare's Romeo-Juliet with ease. It is always easy to remember what we see than what we read. Similarly, music helps in improving the math ability. It also inculcates a sense of timing like when to hit the beat, when to strum the chords and so on. Also, it is easier to remember poems in form of a song, than simply trying to mug it up. Art brings about a sense of awareness about the surrounding among children. It teaches them the importance of cherishing what is present around them like nature, friends, family. Secondly, such subjects also play an important role in enhancing the creativity of a child. Strumming a new tune or adding tune to lyrics requires creativity. Art is highly appreciated if it is innovative. One is required to think out of the box while painting or sculpting so that one can catch the eye of audience. Similarly, giving a twist to a hackneyed drama or bringing to notice an issue present in the society in a way that people really get engrossed and understand its consequences also requires tremendous amount of innovation and creativity. Thirdly, these subjects have their own story, a history behind them, which can be well understood if one learns it. Arts has for long been...
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