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Strategy Innovation

Innovation is essentially the conceptualization activity, as well as ideas resolve the issue by bringing economic value to
corporate and social value for the community. So innovation departs from a pre-existing, then given the added value. Innovation
stems from things that seem trivial to open the eyes and ears listen to the aspirations or consumer complaints, employees, environment and society. The subject of the application of innovation itself biased individuals, groups or companies. This means that there is bias happens in company individuals or groups who are very brilliant and innovative. But the ideal companies become institutionalized place for people who

collected to exploit new ideas. (Myers and Marquis,
There are several ways that can be taken to generate
innovative products according to Kotler (1987) is to:
1. Mengembakan new product attributes
a) Adaptation (another idea or product development)
b) Modification (change the color, movement, sound, smell, shape and likeness)
c) Increase (stronger, longer, bigger).
d) Reduce (slimmer, lighter, smaller lebig).
e) Substitute (other ingredients, process, power source)
f) Realignment (another pattern, another layout, kompenen).
g) Flips (outside to inside)
h) combination (mix, mix, asortasi, assemblies, units
combined, usability, attractiveness, and ideas).
2. Develop a variety of quality levels
3. Develop models and size of the product (product proliferation) According to Damanpour (1991) innovation is the introduction of equipment, systems, laws, products or services, production process technology , a new structure or a new administrative system, or

The new planning program for adoption of an organization.
While the type of innovation is the adoption and behavioral factors determine from these innovations (Danampaour and Evan (1984), Damanpour (1991), Damapour 1996, Kim et al (1998))
In a 1991 study classifies innovation Damapour
into several types, such...
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