Strategies Employed in Diffusion of the Development of JPS New Digital Meters

Topics: Innovation, Replacements, Display device Pages: 2 (600 words) Published: May 8, 2014
What strategies were employed in the diffusion of the development, of JPS new digital meters – citing the S – Curve of Diffusion, and relevant examples?


With the advancement of technology over the years the JPS as embark on a strategy to replace about 35,000 electro-mechanical meters with more modern digital meters, in May 2011. This initiative will cost US$1.6 million and will see both business and residential customers replaced island wide. This replacement project was initiated due to the fact that the international industry standard has been moving away from electro-mechanical meters, with the aim of not only to reduce supply of such meters, but also to reduce supply of replacement parts for servicing electro-mechanical meters. Inevitably, JPS would have to keep in step with the global move. This exercise seeks to explore and provide the reader with concise information on how JPS use the S-curve of diffusion to implement technological change in digital meters.

Diffusion is the process by which an innovation is reproduced through certain channels over time among the units of a system. There also four major elements of the definition of the diffusion which are; 1.Innovation: This is a technical solution that is new or perceived as new by the individual or the unit of adoption. As in the case of JPS they have adopt the new electronic digital meter from the international industry. 2.Propagation: Is spread of an innovation beyond its investor. The digital meters were invented in the international industry and now it has spread to JPS. 3.Time: Not all adopters adopt an innovation at the same time. This is true because on May 2011 JPS start replacing the digital meters. 4.System: Is a set of interlinked units that participate in the diffusion process, such as Bureau of Standards Jamaica (BSJ) who as to approved the new digital display screens to make sure they are easier to read than the old digital displays they are replacing. While on...
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