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1.1 For the following situation, indicate whether the statistical application is primarily descriptive or inferential.
“The manager of Ann’s Fabric Shop has collected data for 10 years on the number of each type of dress fabric that has been sold at the store. She is interested in making a presentation that will illustrate these data effectively.”

Suggested Answer:
This application is primarily descriptive in nature. The owner wishes to develop a presentation. He will most likely use charts, graphs, tables and numerical measures to describe his data.

1.2 Consider the following graph that appeared in a company
annual report. What type of graph is this is this? Explain

This is clearly a bar chart. A bar chart displays values associated with categories. In this case the categories are the departments at the food store. The values are the total monthly sales (in dollars) in each department.

Note: A histogram has no gaps and the horizontal axis represents the possible values for a numerical variable.

Explain the difference between a closed-end question and an
open-end question.
Closed-end questions require the respondent to select from a short list of defined choices.
Open-end questions allow respondents the freedom to respond
with any value, words, or statements of their own choosing.
Note: Demographic questions are questions relating to
respondent’s characteristics, backgrounds, and attributes. Example: Gender, Marital Status etc

1.32. Describe the difference between a population and a sample. A population is a set of all objects of interests or the
measurements obtained from all objects or individuals of
A sample is simply a subset of the population.

1.49 For each of the following, indicate whether the data are cross sectional or time series.
a. Quarterly unemployment rates
b. Unemployment rates by state
c. Monthly sales
d. Employment satisfaction data for a company
a. Time-series
b. Cross-sectional
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