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Software Requirements Specification
FACETs Mobile
Version 2.0
Prepared by Team 6g

Members: Robert Van Tyne, Arnold King, Ryan Chadwick, Bryan Sullivan, Victor Calderon, Mark Gatesman

Team 6g
Table of Contents
1. Introduction1
2. Overall Description1
3. Functional Requirements2
4. Requirements Breakdown:5
5. External Interface Requirements6
6. Other Nonfunctional Requirements8
7. Other Requirements9

Revision History
Reason For Changes
Team 6g
Initial Draft
Team 6g
Added Affinity Diagram Requirements

1. Introduction
1.1 Purpose
The purpose of this document is to define the requirements for creating an Android application for the FACETs Brainstorming tool. This document will outline all of the necessary information to start development. 1.2 Intended Audience and Reading Suggestions

The intended audience for this document is Team 6g, the project sponsor, and the team advisor. Throughout the rest of this document it the project will be broken up into sections for: Project Description, System Features, External Interface Requirements, and Non Functional Requirements. There is also a glossary of common terms found throughout the document. 1.3 Project Scope

This project is to take the existing FACET tools and convert them to Android applications. The benefits of this project are to be able to use a mobile device to make the tools more assessable. The goal is to make it as easy as possible to collaborate with anyone using the tools. This will allow for users not to have to be sitting in a classroom environment.

The software being used for development is the Android development kit which is a plug-in to the Eclipse IDE. The project is being managed by a server running Redmine. 2. Overall Description
2.1 Product Perspective
This application will allow users of the FACET toolset to be able to use the Brainstorming tool, and Affinity Diagram tool from their Android based phone. This application is a small part of a larger set which will be added on to one at a time. The overall application will allow users to use all of the FACET tools from within this application. 2.2 Product Features

This program will allow users to be able to use the FACET tools from their mobile phone. Any phone that supports the Android operating system version 2.2 will be able to install the applications and run the tools from their phone. These tools will allow users to collaborate simultaneously as if they were doing so on their pc through their web browser.

The Facets tools that are currently available are the Brainstorm and Affinity Diagram tools. The Brainstorm tool allows users to collaborate and generate ideas together in real time. The Affinity Diagram tool allows users to input their needs for a project, which are turned around into project requirement statements. 2.3 Operating Environment

The software will run on the Android operating system version 2.2. All devices that support this version of the Android operating system will be able to run the software. The software is developed using Eclipse version Galileo. The intent of this software is to utilize the functionality of the FACETs tools and use the system in the same way as it is implemented in a normal web browser. The software should use at least the same functionality as the web tools and should persist the data in the same database. 2.4 Design and Implementation Constraints

All components of the software need to be open source. The software must run on the Verizon Droid phone which runs the Android operating system. The mobile phone has existing hardware/software constraints. The database used by the software needs to be the same one that is used by the FACETs web tools. The software must also use the language supported by the Android development environment, java plus the Android SDK. 2.5 User Documentation

There are help files within the...
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