Topics: Discrimination, Caste, India Pages: 14 (3733 words) Published: September 25, 2014


1. Introduction
2. Objectives
4.1Social inequalities
5.Why inequalities
6.Global caste discrimination
7.Case Study –Caste discrimination in India
7.1 Definition & Background
7.2 Caste discrimination in practice
7.3. India’s legal framework
7.3.1 The Indian Constitution
7.3.2 The Indian Penal Code
7.4 Implementation issues
7.5 International commitments
7.6 Actions by NGOs

8.Tackling inequalities based on caste

“I have nor color prejudicies nor caste prejudices.All I care to know is that a man is a human being and that is enough for me, he can’t be any worse.”
Mark Twain
Inequalities are a global challenge. They persist both within all countries and between them.Similar kinds of inequalities are faced in common by people across the world. Inequalities are not just problems for the people whose lives are most directly affected. They have deep consequences for everyone in society. Inequalities harm us all. Among these consequences are: reductions in the pace and sustainability of economic growth; diminishment of the productive potential of all who are harmed and excluded, and the loss of this potential to society; the worsening of existing fragilities and vulnerabilities, including to conflict and disasters; and the weakening of social cohesion and of security for all. Addressing inequalities is not only the right thing in principle, but also vital in ensuring that we have a sustainable and peaceful world. Inequalities predominantly affect individuals and groups suffering multiple human rights deprivations. Typically, marginalized and excluded groups lag behind in the enjoyment of one particular right due to lack of access to other rights such as decent jobs, food, housing,health, sexual and reproductive health rights, information, education, participation, physical integrity or judicial remedies. Multiple deprivation and inequalities are often closely associated with and reinforced by specific forms of discrimination in the enjoyment of civil,political, economic, social and cultural rights. Efforts to reduce inequalities will require strong consensus at all levels, and large scale policies that reach from the local to the national to the global. These efforts will require appropriate policy and legal frameworks, actions to protect people from discrimination and leveling-up measures to enable those whose capabilities have been harmed by inequalities to claim and realize their rights. Successful measures will not be “piecemeal”, but rather require a broad-based economic and social policy framework that is oriented towards inequality reduction. This is turn requires measures that are transformational in orientation rather than just marginal or incremental. Policy reform must be accompanied by concerted action to address negative social attitudes and build a universal demand for equality, tolerance and social justice. Attitudinal change is required at all levels, and across all generations.


Objectives of this research are to highlight the one aspect of social discrimination still exsist in the modern society and its implications. Caste discrimination in India has been chosen as Indian society is profound with inequalities and to support the above objectives. 3.Scope

This review examines the inequalities within the society based on the caste. The definitions of the social inequalities and caste, factors which produces the inequalities, the consequences and the ways and means of tackling inequalities based on caste are discussed in this paper. Further caste discrimination in India has been chosen as a case study. The structure of this essay is straight-forward. Firstly, a chapter on caste discrimination. Secondly, a chapter on how the authorities should deal with the matter. 4....
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