Slim - Prince of the ranch

Topics: Boss, Laborer, Respect Pages: 3 (938 words) Published: November 15, 2013
Slim – Prince of the ranch essay
Steinbeck portrays Slim as the ‘prince of the ranch’ using description, his interactions with workers, especially George and what the other characters say about him and how they treat him. I think that Slim being portrayed as the ‘prince of the ranch’ is a very accurate and reasonable perception as Steinbeck builds his character to be respected and admired almost like royalty. Slim, on his first appearance, is described as moving with a ‘majesty only achieved by royalty or master craftsmen’. With this descriptive phrase, Steinbeck immediately establishes Slim as someone who is confident in himself and is admired and respected by others. To move like majesty, it requires one to move with graceful fluency without any effort.  From Steinbeck’s description we can tell he is exceptionally skillful. This can be seen when Steinbeck says ‘he was capable of killing a fly on the wheelers butt without touching the mule.’ This shows he was an experienced and competent worker and therefore he was valued giving him more respect from ranch workers and the boss to an extent. Steinbeck artfully portrays that Slim is able to read into people and what they say.  This is seen when Steinbeck describes Slim as “his ear heard more than what was said to him”. This illustrates he is not someone who takes things people say at face value. He also understands that there is often more to the story. This also is what leads to Slim’s word being final word on the ranch. Everyone knows that he gives everything a fair hearing. Moreover Steinbeck further reinforces Slim’s image as prince of the ranch by his interactions with other workers especially with George, an example of this is when Slim began to talk to George about working on the ranch, he used a tone which was friendly, encouraged confidence without demanding. This can be seen when George says ‘We kinda look after each other." He indicated Lennie with his thumb. "He ain't bright. Hell of a good...
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