Singapore’s future depends on her ability to reinvent herself. Comment.

Topics: Economics, Country, Paradigm shift Pages: 2 (720 words) Published: October 10, 2013
Singapore’s future depends on her ability to reinvent herself. Comment.

​Singapore enjoys a prosperous economy, despite its small land size and lack of resources. This can be attributed to the ability of the government and the country in responding to changes in the globalised world of today to keep the country competitive and relevant. It has been this ability to innovate, recalibrate and set the course towards a new paradigm that allows Singapore to survive, remain pertinent and an attraction on the world stage. It will be this ability to re-imagine her path that will allow Singapore to remain an economic hub in the future.

​Singapore’s ability to innovate solutions to solve problems has been key to ensure her survival despite a lack of natural resources and land. The lack of natural resources puts Singapore at a disadvantage or even in a subservient position to other countries with such resources. The long term solution to such an issue is by visionary planning and technology that allows Singapore to be self-sufficient. The foresight and ability of the government in dealing with the expiration of our Water Agreement with Malaysia in 2011 and 2061 by targeting and expanding our 4 national taps to allow Singapore to eventually be self-sufficient in water is testament to the importance of reinvention for our survival into the future. It is not possible for Singapore to innovate itself to be entirely self-subsistent, but it is necessary for us to be able to provide for ourselves with the required necessities for survival. This ability and spirit of imagination to resolve our most pressing material needs will continue to serve its vital function as Singapore exists in a dearth of land and natural resources.

​Singapore’s ability to recalibrate and transform its direction in the economy has been integral to remain relevant and create a niche for ourselves in an increasingly competitive economy. Singapore’s population, while dense, pales in comparison to...
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