Sex Education

Topics: Human sexual behavior, Human sexuality, Sexual intercourse Pages: 2 (484 words) Published: October 10, 2013

Up to nine times as many teenagers give birth in the United States as in other industrialized countries. Moreover, more American youths under age 15 are becoming sexual active. Although overall U.S. teen births are declining, out-of-wedlock birthrates are skyrocketing in the United States and throughout the industrialized world. To reverse these trends, Congress and the States are spending $837.5 million over the next five years to encourage teenagers, unmarried adults to abstain from sexual intercourse without teaching them about conception or disease prevention. But critics say that withholding such information leaves youths “defenseless”. (Koch, Kathy) Any parent doesn’t want their child to be sexual sexually active till their child is married. But In this society, that is impossible. Teenagers are getting pressure to have sex by their peers, friends and the media. It’s good to talk about abstain from sexual intercourse, but it’s wrong to leave them in the dark about the preventions and the consequences, when they do decide to have sex. Sex education should be taught in school. American teenagers have more pregnancies, births and abortions than youngsters in any other western industrialized country. A third of U.S. girls-about 820,000- become pregnant before they turn 20 (80% of them are unmarried), and 4 million American teenagers contract a sexually transmitted disease each year. (Friedman, Jane) A majority of Americans (55%) believes that giving teens information about now to obtain and use condoms will not encourage to have sexual intercourse. ( In a study of 35 education programs around the world, the World Health Organization found there is no evidence that comprehensive programs encourage sexual activity. The study also concluded that abstinence-only programs are less effective than comprehensive classes that include abstinence and safe-sex practices such as contraception and condom use. ( According to Columbia...
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