Service Innovation Proposal

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Service Innovation Proposal
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August 11. 2014
Fred Greifenstein
Service Innovation Proposal
When a company’s main purpose is service and customers, service innovation becomes critical to the success of that company lifeline. A company can use an approach such as Innovation Business Design Model (IBDM) a five-step roadmap when applied the steps to create a service innovation proposal. IBDM defines what service means to a company, it gives a description of how a company such as an Intelligent Office use the five-step roadmap for service innovation to assist with the company’s needs, it also give an explanation how an Intelligent Office practices unique nuances of service innovative to the IBDM. Service Innovation Service

Service can be labeled as executing a type or work, duty, labor, manager, or a client receiving payment for work or service perform. A service can come from anywhere such as an industry like a hospital, retail store, restaurant, bereavement, telecommunications, charities, public utilities, and hospitality service. In today’s society we depend on the Internet, e-business and social media to get us through the day. However, some companies can provide landscaping ideas along with service to a customer lawn and the Internet to achieve a purpose of providing service for consumers. When an organization use service innovation, market analysis through graphs, flowcharts, cultural awareness, trends, research, interviews and surveys are important to determine what people desire and how a company can assist people with easier, more efficient and easier service. With the Internet and e- business growing more each day legal and regulation issues can drive service innovation. Some countries have laws preventing products bought and sold on the Internet. Some service organization use prototypes like hospital situations and fake restaurants to provide staffs with correct training to assist with job purposes. Technology plays a huge role in service innovation today by providing three-dimension images of a certain background and watch personnel move around appropriately, a MRI shows a person layers of the body by providing images so a doctor can decide what is wrong with a patients. This type of technology can assist doctors with the knowledge it takes to cure a patient. Service innovation have been known to receive attention by observer, customers, and clients and focus on a particular product like the cellphones with all the new technology of today. The five-step roadmap can be used as practical method for an organization to see what people do and want during his or her life-cycle when focusing on service innovation. Five Step Model (IBDM)

IBDM shows the steps a business uses for innovation service. The security intelligent team made a checklist by making a business goal, valuable customer service, and the company vision. By providing a competitive advantage, supervision, leadership, uniformity, monitoring trends, and what an organization will require in the future and present. If a company offers a service of a receptionist to answer business telephone call, mail service, and office support with conference rooms available for clients individual needs. Assessing the situation

The first step, Ralph Gregory, the owner of Intelligence Office was looking for a way to spend less time at the office and more time with his family. While Ralph spent less time at the office, the idea of losing a receptionist, phone access, office space, and fax machine seems like a meaningless profession. Ralph, an entrepreneur, assessed his business by researching his internal and external business environment looking for ways to create and innovate a more suitable way for business people to conduct business efficiently. Ralph notice when starting a home business globally an enormous of people were telecommuting. Various business experts...

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