Semantic Studies

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These are the studies relating to semantic features

According to “The Introduction Of Social Studies Vocabulary By Semantics Features Analysis: Using a Microcomputer Database Program” by Michael P. French and Nancy Cook (University of Wisconsin), they conducted the studies on the results of using microcomputer program adapted with semantics features theory. This program was created to study if semantics features help the students learn various words, basing on the theory by Johnson and Pearson (1984), Semantic feature analysis is a strategy that draws upon a student's prior knowledge about words and places the emphasis on the relationship of concepts within categories. In this method, the student explores the ways in which the meanings of words differ. These relationships (sameness or difference) is shown by placing (+) and (-) signs in a table referred to as a semantic feature grid. The students could effectively learn new vocabularies and categorized them correctly. Therefore, it could be concluded that semantics features was effective strategy for learning various kinds of words. Summarized from:

Michael P., F., & Nancy, C. (1987). The introduction of social studies vocabulary by semantic feature analysis: Using a microcomputer database program--a description. Reading Horizons, 28(1), 26-33. Retrieved from

Patinee Pratoomrat conducted “A Study of Semantics Features in English Rock and Pop Songs” in 2009. Patinee analyzed 100 English pop and rock songs, which were produced in 1990-2009, with a focus on linguistic strategy and based on semantic features analysis. In her study, she focused on six semantic features: Personification, Simile, Metaphor, Hyperbole, Litotes and Slang. She found that in order to express the feeling and arouse the listener’s emotion, the items featured Slang was mostly found in both English pop and rock songs, followed by Metaphor,...
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