RWT1 Business Report

Topics: Facebook, Credit card, Mobile phone Pages: 11 (3891 words) Published: May 25, 2015
Business Research Report
Integrating Technology into the Restaurant

Assessment Code: RWT1
Student Name: David Allison
Student ID: 000214637
Date: 4/2/15
Mentor Name: Melissa Prentice

Table of Contents
Executive Summary3
Research Findings5
Using Facebook to Advertisewitching from Menues to Tablets at the Tables5 Creating a Mobile Application for To Go Orders6
Switching from Menues to Tablets at the Tables7

Executive Summary

This report is to show owners of a restaurant that it is important to be willing to change in the changing times of technology. This report will show that it is not only easy to adapt to this new age of technology, but also at time doesn’t cost a lot to do so. The next generation of customers is becoming dependent on their cell phones, laptops and tablets. Our restaurant should show these young people that we are willing to take the time to acknowledge this and go with it.

The report goes over three new technologies that will not only reach individuals on their phones, but also when they get to the business. The first technology is Facebook and to use its ability to connect to the digital world for free, advertise for low costs and to reach individuals that might not have known about the restaurant. The costs are low and the impact from using Facebook everyday could be huge.

Over 60% of adults have a smart phone that uses applications to make life easier. Our restaurant could invest a small amount of money to get ourselves into the mobile app world. This would allow customers to see our menu, order from it and pay with a credit card, before they even step foot in the restaurant. The application could make them aware of future events that are coming up and to even buy tickets to it, if tickets are available. The costs to develop such an application could be very low to high depending on the functions that we would want to include with it. Restaurants have started to adopt tablets into their business by having them on every table and using them for day to day management purposes. While this is the most expensive of the three technologies that I have found, it is also the most effect. Tablets would allow customers to see the items on the menu before ordering them, order the items they want directly from the tablet, be able to add or subtract ingredients and finally after the ordering is done, entertain themselves. Tablets allow customers to select songs from the Jukebox, play games or even get on their social media sites. The tablets can be bought or leased from companies that are emerging for the sole purpose of getting tablets in restaurants. Of the three technologies that I have found that could better the restaurant; I would recommend that we adapt all three. Facebook is free to use and to advertise with them could only cost $5 dollars a day to push our status to individuals that might now even know of our business. If even one of those people came in to eat or see our entertainment, the cost of using their advertisement has paid for itself. The mobile application could cost us around $1000 to develop, but could pay for itself within a few months’ time. If more to go orders are places and more people see our entertainment schedule, the money will generate its self. Adopting the use of tablets is a larger endeavor but I believe that it is one worth doing. I would recommend that we lease the tablets from a company that provides them for lease. They provide the tablets security, so that none of them will walk out of the restaurant. The customers have to pay a small fee to play games and to play music on the jukebox. That has proven with other restaurants to pay the monthly leasing fee. So in the end it should cost us little to nothing and give us an edge over the competition. Introduction

Having a small restaurant and pub can be challenging, due to the constant change in technology and...

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