Rhetoric Chapter 2 Summary

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Shady Emad


Understanding the Traditional Canons of
Rhetoric: Invention & Memory
A piece of writing always exists in context.
 Situation prompts the writer to write about a certain subject, members of an

audience read the piece, and a purpose determines how the writer approaches both the situation and the audience.

A piece of writing works in three closely related ways (Appeals): 1) To convey its information and points to readers
2) To influence their thinking.
3) To change their actions

Writing appeals to readers by:
1) making a clear, coherent statement of ideas and a central argument, which known as Logos (embodied thought).
2) offering evidence that the rhetor is credible and well educated, which know as ethos (good-willed credibility).
3) relating to the audience’s emotions and interests, which known as pathos (feeling, sympathy, empathy)

The Five Canons of Rhetoric:
1) Canons that Guide the Generation of Material:

is the art of finding the appropriate arguments in any rhetorical situation.
 Systematic (strategies):
I. Journalist’s Questions:
Who was involved? What took place? When did it happen?
Where did it happen? Why did it happen? How did it happen?
 These questions not only can generate material for any
composition, but also can be used to help comprehend what
you read.
II. Kenneth Burke’s Pentad (dramatistic pentad):
 The pentad is a good device for analyzing a text you read and for taking

an inventory of what you might write.

Act: What happened?
Scene: When and where did it happen?
Agent: Who did it?
Agency: How was it done?
Purpose: Why was it done?

The five points of the pentad are the things a person could say not only about a written text but also, more broadly, about any purposeful or intentional act that communicates meaning.
III. The Enthymeme:
 a syllogism or other argument in which a premise or the conclusion is unexpressed. IV. The Topics:
 Topics are...
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