Question]- What Is Qualitative Research in Social Science? What Is Quantitative Research? What Are the Differences and Similarities Between the Two? Please Provide One Example of Research Question That Can Be Answered

Topics: Management, Innovation, Health care Pages: 2 (457 words) Published: February 25, 2011
Essay outline:
Is patient-focused care representative of modernizing innovation in the UK NHS or of the Mc Donaldisation of health care?

* Give brief description of PFC (patient focus care) and UK NHS * Innovation is needed for progression so as to overcome different situations / problems and Kochan (1986) says ’organizations tend to become more alike’ as they follow same policies as other organizations. * However Mc Donaldisation is to gear the organization by minimizing time. * Depending on our views and cultures progress can be identified as being innovation or Mcdonalidation

1st Paragraph:
Innovate by taking example of another country
* The west London hospital trust was the first hospital in uk to take the risk to take as model the US health centres and implement the PFC. Thus save the hospital from closing down. Howorth, Mueller and Harvey (2002) precise ‘The ability to point out that the model being adopted is not untried within the professional organizational field legitimizes its introduction into a new ‘spatial’ area. In this way west London Hospital is able to reap the benefits of being innovative, whilst at the same time arguing that it is following a tried and tested route.’ 2nd paragraph:

Managing change / Better management = innovation
* Better management through PFC had improved the quality standard and reduced cost. However it also impacted positively on the rapidity of the service * Though the service was more rapid it is argued as being an advantage e.g waiting time was reduced and treatments delivery was systematic 3rd paragraph:

Acceptance of new regulations by staff and doctors
* The quality service in the NHS was not up to standards and new regulations and working strategy won’t usually be accepted can also be seen as an innovation. Howorth, Mueller and Harvey (2002) ‘clinical doctors did not object to the introduction of new innovative...

References: Chris Howorth, Frank Mueller, Charles Harvey (2002) Competition and change 6. Reed charity supports of research
Kochan, T.A, Katz, H and Mc Kersie, R (1986). The transformation of American insdustrial Relations. Basic books, New York.
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