Profit Maximization Through Innovation Technologies

Topics: Greenhouse gas, Innovation, Natural gas Pages: 4 (1067 words) Published: December 5, 2010
Agricultural industry is one of the most important industries of Uzbekistan. Agriculture sector employs 28% of Uzbekistan's labor force and generates 24% of its GDP (Uzreport, 2006). Therefore further development of agricultural industry in Uzbekistan is crucial for Uzbek nation. According to UNDP within the next 20 years, the world will gain another 1.4 billion people. Representing a 25-percent increase in global population, most of these people will live in the expanding urban centers of developing countries and will add greatly to the world’s demand for food. Demand for food products will increase. Meeting these increased food demands will be opportunity for the world’s agricultural producers as well as for Uzbek suppliers. But, there are some barriers for local greenhouse businesses to meet those demands. In a context of land and water scarcity, climate change, and declining crop yields will require significant innovation in agriculture (Eliot, 2010). Successful technological innovation in greenhouse farming plays a decisive role on the development of countries and agriculture industry, it can contribute to a more efficient and sustainable use of natural resources.(IICA, 2002).The following business project proposal is fully dedicated to analyze feasibility and profitability of implementing innovation technologies in Uzbek greenhouses which locally produce vegetables and export them to foreign company.

Literature Review
Innovations can be classified into different categories. Categories in this classification include mechanical innovations (tractors and combines), biological innovations (new seed varieties), chemical innovations (fertilizers and pesticides), agronomic innovations (new management practices), technological innovations (heating, cooling , packaging) biotechnological innovations, and informational innovations that rely mainly on computer technologies.( D. Sunding and D. Zilberman, 2000). In this study technological innovation...
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