Procedures for preparing an outing

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Explain the procedures which need to be follow when preparing an outing with the children, think about before the day and the actual day of the outing.

Before organising an outing a purpose must be ascertained such as enhancing the learning, providing stimulus to the curriculum, giving the children a real experience and to practice skills and relationships in a different context and environment. When planning a visit, it must be suitable and relevant for the age range of the children. In the planning time scales must be factored in such as how long and length of the journey times. What method of transport, if any, will be required? How much will the outing cost and how much extra help will be required? All new locations must be checked for safety and security. The setting would request the places own risk assessment and then the place would be visited by a member of staff prior to organising the outing and a risk assessment will be completed at this time. All trips must have the approval and agreement from the commitee It is the responsibility of the setting leader to organise suitable transport with seatbelts and, if required, a driver who has been CRB checked. Adequate insurance cover must be in place for the driver, destination and activity involved. It is also the setting leaders responsibility to consider the needs of all the children’s medical and physical conditions. All parents need to be informed regarding the proposed trip at least two weeks in advance including any costs which may be incurred, giving the parents the opportunity to pay in instalments if necessary. A letter containing all relevant information must be sent to all the parents showing: •Date and timings of the trip.

Estimated time of departure and arrival back at school. •Costs.
Sensible shoes must be worn.
Transport details.
Lunch arrangements.
Clothing requirements in line with the weather conditions. •Equipment required such as pocket money or cameras....
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