problems associated with the Caribbean sea

Topics: Smuggling, Illegal drug trade, Drug Pages: 2 (319 words) Published: October 10, 2013

Problems associated with the Caribbean Sea:

Marine Pollution- Marine pollution refers to ocean contamination, especially with man-made waste or by-products. This is considered to be a severe problem by many environmentalists, since it can have detrimental and lasting effects on the global marine ecosystem. There are several types of marine pollution, each of which has the potential to harm the delicate balance of life.

Drug trafficking - Drug trafficking is a major source of crime worldwide. Not only is there physical danger inherent in the use of illegal drugs, but drug smuggling is also frequently accompanied by other crimes such as murder, kidnapping, prostitution and assault.

Human trafficking -Human trafficking involves the sale of human beings. This activity occurs on the black market, as it is illegal in nearly all parts of the world. Humans can be trafficked or sold for a number of illegal or illicit purposes.

War- War involves the hijacking of ships, firing of canons.

Trade of ammunition – Exchange of guns and bullets.

Border Crossing – The illegal crossing via the sea without showing any visas or passports.

Prostitution- Prostitution is commonly defined as the custom of having sexual relations in exchange for economic gain.

Ways to overcome the chosen solution:

Individual : Encourage your local newspaper or television station to cover stories about human trafficking, as well as what your community can do to help stop it. Take the initiative; don’t assume they know the facts. Offer your research to help generate a story that is newsworthy.

Memorize statistics about human trafficking to inform your friends and areas of influence. Use social media to spread the word.

Government : The government can lock down the borders and stop illegal immigration. Local governments and law enforcement can put more resources into ending the sex and drug trades.

Locations in Trinidad where...
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