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Topics: Karl Benz, Mercedes-Benz, Marketing plan Pages: 2 (482 words) Published: February 27, 2013
1. Introduction:
We are first year students of IBMS and our second project is about comparing two competing companies from an internal perspective out of the same market sector with Apple and finding the main similarities and differences between them. The two choosen companies are BMW and Mercedes-Benz. They are selling cars on the B2C consumer market and are competitors. Apple and the two choosen companies were compared by us in their marketing audit (a part of the marketing planning process), their financial analysis ( to analyze and interpret financial statements of the companies) and in their mangement and organization.

2.1 Problem descriptionAs we want to compare three different companies (in our case Apple, Mercedes Benz and BMW) that are located in the B2C-sector we have to use several methods of comparison in order to get as much information as possible to find the best company.2.2 ObjectiveThe objective of this project is to produce a enterprise comparison. In our case we will be looking at Mercedes Benz, BMW and Apple. In the following we will compare these companies based on different comparative points which related to the subject areas of Management & Orgasation, Management Accounting, Marketing Audit and Mathematics & Statistics.

3. Central research question

‘What are the main differences and similarities between the three companies from an internal perspective?’

4. Sub-questions
What is the current marketing situation of each company?
What is the current financial situation of each company?
What is the product mix of the different companies?
Which marketing strategies are used by the different companies? Which conecepts/philosophies are used by each company?
Which position have the different companies in their market? What are the different target groups of the companies?
What are the different advertising straegies of the companies? What are the mission statements of the different companies?...

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