Nutrition and Composition

Topics: Nutrition, Vitamin, Food Pages: 2 (379 words) Published: October 10, 2013
 The introduction: Every composition needs a good introduction. The introduction is like a door that opens and lets people into a beautiful house. Your introduction needs to be interesting to the reader, so that he/she is able to read your composition to the end and enjoy it. Writing a composition on a topic like “My Favourite Food”, the introduction could look like this:

My mother cooks all our food at home. The foods are so delicious that I always look forward to meal times. I enjoy all the food mother cooks but my favourite food is jollof rice cooked with palm oil and dried fish. I call it “palm oil jollof rice.”

The body: the body of your essay is where you express feelings, thoughts and opinions on a given subject/topic. The body of the composition is made up of paragraphs. Paragraphs help you to organise your composition into meaningful parts. A paragraph always expresses one idea at a time. In a long composition, each paragraph should have at least 4 sentences. A paragraph of a composition on our topic could look like this:

We always eat my jollof rice every Tuesday evening. I always can’t wait to get home after school on Tuesdays. This is because I love to help and watch as mother cooks my favourite food. I help her to slice the onions and remove bones from the fish.

The conclusion: this is the final part of your composition. Just as the introduction of your composition creates a good impression on your reader, your conclusion should make the final impression on your reader. It is also your last chance to convince the reader. Here, you simply summarise what you have said in your composition. A good conclusion should be straight and to-the-point. A conclusion on our composition topic could look like this: The palm oil that mother uses to cook the jollof rice gives it the orange colour and mother says it is very nutritious. The fish also gives the food a very special taste. Palm oil jollof rice with dried fish is my favourite food...
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