Nonverbal Communication

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Eye contact, Proxemics Pages: 3 (850 words) Published: April 27, 2005
Nonverbal Communication

Found information states that "nonverbal communication is the process of transporting messages through behaviors, physical characteristics and objects". Its how and what we use in order to express our feelings and say things. Using symbols is a way of using nonverbal communication. Also nonverbal communication is the way we use body language and gestures too. Nonverbal communication is often used unconsciously. When using the certain communication it can be misinterpreted also. There are many different categories of nonverbal communication. They are the following: Aesthetics, Artifacts, Chronemics, Haptics, Kinesics, Paralanguage, Physical Appearance, Proxemics, and Oculesics.

Aesthetics is the study of nature, beauty and taste. Found information states "that Aesthetics refer to environmental factors and how they are manipulated to influence our feelings and emotions". When referring to environmental factors it was including colors, lighting, spatial arrangement, and sounds. Found information also states that we "manipulate environmental factors to affect mood by controlling the setting". For example, you may change the lighting in the room to a dim to give a romantic mood for someone. Aesthetics is used in many different ways.

Artifacts are things we use to express us individually. It's our physical appearance. Meaning the clothes we wear. Also, the objects we wear too. These things are used to describe/ tell who we are. For example, uniforms are artifacts. They are used to announce professional identities.

Chronemics is the study of time. Found information states that "we use and handle time to communicate messages". It is a form of nonverbal communication". Found information also states that, "the length of time that we spend engaged in an activity reflects our priorities and preferences". The use of your time tells what your priorities are. For example, you are a college student and you club and party all...
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