Topics: Sustainability, Social responsibility, Innovation Pages: 2 (726 words) Published: April 29, 2014
What do you do as a company if bad publicity ruins your whole image? Do you give up or do you fight with everything you have in order to change the bad publicity? If that is the case, then how do you turn the negative publicity into positive? “Innovate for a better world” is Nike’s CSR slogan which is about reaching their potential. Their biggest challenges are also their biggest opportunities and seeing these challenges as something positive instead of something negative – opportunities, is innovation with the purpose to create growth. Making products which perform better for athletes and the planet, improve working conditions, focus at their supply chain and leverage the power of sport to change lives. The role of government, business, communities, politics, media are all shifting and therefore Nike needs to shift too. Nike has a desire to develop greener, smarter and better products, communities and economies which is why “innovate for a better world” is important. Nike challenges and empowers their designers to consider the environmental impact of everything that are involved in developing a product. Their design called “considered design” is an idea about changing the design with reduction of waste and chemicals in the manufacturing process where they also reuse material from old shoes and shirts and make them into new ones. Nike intends to create products, services and experiences which results in that they can thrive in growth and sustainable economy. They can’t reach their goals alone and for that reason they create platforms with open innovation which is based on sharing patterns and properties that promote sustainability. Nike has a mission to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. Before Nike didn’t act the way they should have acted and they wasn’t taking accountability for what was happening in the supply chain. Mid the 90s there was a shift in terms of the expectations on a company. At that time Nike began to build out...
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