Natural Disasters

Topics: Flood, Tropical cyclone, Volcano Pages: 4 (2033 words) Published: January 14, 2015
 There are many different interesting things in earth science. Something that always catches my eye whenever we talk about it are natural disasters. Natural disasters are terrible weather events that can strike us at any time of the day, month, or year. We can see them coming with the technology that we have now a days, but sometimes, they can strike in a matter of minutes or even seconds. There are different precautions we have for them. The outcome of when one happens is always not good. One can occur at any part of our planet, no one is safe from them. There are certain periods of times where these are more likely to occur (such as in the fall or spring). There are also certain states and places that these are most likely to happen. All natural disasters affect us in some way. But there are many different types of natural disasters and each one is different.

In places such as the Sahara desert or places that get little or no rain, a drought can occur. A drought is where a certain area goes with no rain for a long time. A lot of people who live in hot weathered areas struggle with droughts the most. When one happens, it is very difficult to have enough water to drink or shower with. There are certain ways of saving water like buying the big gallon bottles and having them in storage or keeping buckets of water in your shower. When you are going through a drought you really have to limit your use of water. If you have any plants or if you check your own front yard, you would be able to notice how your plant is dying or how your grass is turning brown since they haven’t received the amount of water they need in order to live. Droughts can last for years, so you really have no clue when the next time you’ll have fresh water available for you will be.

One natural disaster that everyone probably knows or has heard about is a...
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