Multi Choice Africa Innovation Strategy

Topics: Innovation, Eric von Hippel, User innovation Pages: 8 (2466 words) Published: July 4, 2013
Innovation and Change Module Project

Week 7

Multi Choice Africa Innovation Strategy

MBA-Finance and Accounting
University of Liverpool

Madalitso Emmanuel Chimwala
Student No: 15983942

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Table of contents

Executive Summary

Chapter 1 – Innovation Management Structure of MultiChoice Africa

Chapter 2 – A look at Lead User innovation, Open and Disruptive innovation

Chapter 3 – Innovation Strategy

Chapter 4 – Potential Challenges in Implementing Innovation strategy

Chapter 5 –Conclusions

Reference List

Executive Summary
This module project paper is part II of paper for week 4, in which I looked at MultiChoice Africa a company that provides TV entertainment and internet services in Africa. The first part of the paper looked at the organisational culture barriers and enablers of innovation. I also looked at some of the challenges the company faces. In this paper I will continue to address the challenges mentioned in the first paper namely; 1. Lack of management support for an innovation culture within the organisation 2. Lack of flexible schedule that encourage talented professionals to be motivated and aim for more innovations. 3. Absence of rewards and incentives to encourage and attract talented employees. The paper has five chapters, in the first chapter we shall have a look at the strengths and weaknesses in innovation management structure for the organisation and also assess how MultiChoice Africa is sourcing new ideas, technologies and so on for its innovation and evaluate their effectiveness. Chapter two focuses on how the company is using lead user concept in its innovation drive. The chapter also discusses how open the company responds to open innovation. At the end of chapter two I have looked at the potential disruptive innovation to different services the company is offering to its customers. The third and fourth chapter focuses on the innovation strategy and potential challenges of implementing the strategy. I have made proposals for an improved innovation strategy and how the proposed strategy can be implemented by management with a caution to different challenges the current economic environment brings to the market.

Chapter 1 – Innovation Management Structure of MultiChoice Africa 1.1 Introduction
In this same chapter we shall look at what the organisation is currently doing to source new ideas, and how it is embracing technological changes through improved customer care, internet usage and innovation in the use of equipment for its customers. In many organisations Innovation has increasingly become an indispensable competitive differentiator. Many organisations have jumped into the bandwagon of innovation of their products / services. MultiChoice Africa has also embraced different forms of innovation that forms part of their strengths in the organisation’s innovation management structure. We shall also look at areas the company is weak in its innovation drive. 1.2 Strength of MultiChoice Africa’s innovation management structure.

Innovation has been described as the process, as well as the result, of generating creative ideas or inventions and converting those into value-added outcomes. (Weekly notes, UOL, 2012). One important aspect here is that innovation must have value.

During my research for this paper I came across different forms of innovation that the company is trying to bring up, which in my opinion is adding value to the business. I am going to describe them in different forms of innovation as follows;

Product innovation

The company has come up with different products customers can chose from depending on economic, culture and segment of the society. For example those that do not have enough money but are interested to watch local channels on satellite can pay a small minimum of $30 per annum. The price goes up to $70 per month for other channels where one...
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