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Microsoft: Who We Are
Mission and values student exercise
Using the statement of mission and values on the following page, answer the following questions:
1. Which human resource management functions are identified in the mission and values of Microsoft? Which functions are missing?

2. How does the HR department influence how Microsoft wants to do business?

3. Re-read the document and replace “customer” and “people” with “employee.” Answer the following questions:
a. What quality products can HR offer to employees?

b. Identify at least two examples of human resource development in the revised version of the company’s mission and values.

4. Why is it useful for HR to view employees as their customers?

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Who We Are/mission & values - Delivering on our mission
To enable people and businesses throughout the world to realize their full potential. Delivering on this mission requires a clearly defined set of values and tenets. Our company values are not new, but have recently been articulated to reinforce our new mission.

Great people with great
Achieving our mission requires great people who are bright, creative, and energetic, and who possess the following values: n Integrity and honesty n Passion for customers, partners, and technology n Open and respectful with others and dedicated to making them better n Willingness to take on big challenges and see them through n Self-critical, questioning and committed to personal excellence and self-improvement n Accountable for commitments, results, and quality to customers, shareholders, partners and employees.


The tenets central to accomplishing our mission include:
Customer trust. This means earning customer trust through the quality of our products and our responsiveness and accountability to customers and partners. Broad customer connection. This means connecting broadly with customers, understanding their needs and uses of technology, and providing...
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